Psychology Subject GRE Automatic Grading Answer Key [Excel Sheet Document]

The last time I post about the psychology GRE was in 2017, where I provided resources (e.g., old test copies, “cheat sheets”) for the Psychology GRE, as ETS does not keep archived copies of their practice tests on their website.

In that blog post, I wrote that I scored in the 80th percentile from the practice tests, but mentioned I was aiming for the 90th percentile (Note: I achieved that goal, and scored in the 91st percentile in September 2017!). Considering that when I wrote the exam I had only taken two courses of the six courses that compose the Subject GRE, I was happy to say that my study regime was effective. I’ll be writing a step-by-step guide on the subject GRE soon, but I first wanted to share an answer key for the psychology GRE.

Essentially, this document automates the whole grading process so all you need to do is type in the response to the question, and you will instantly know your response was correct, your subscale scores, and your total scores. Originally, the document I made to study was very basic, and simply marked right/wrong. I would then review the questions manually to see what domain of psychology they were (e.g. biology or clinical), then I would review those topics from my test materials.

This was good enough for me, but when a colleague told me he was writing his answers with paper-and-pencil and painstakingly scoring every answer, I just had to publish this system. Not everyone wants to store in their minds what questions belong to which domains, and so that is where the subscale feature comes in to help those who want to specify which domain of psychology they should study for.

Here is a preview of the document:


The document is fairly easy to use, just read the instructions and you’re good to go!

Download link:

Download excel document (includes two sheets)




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