Old psychology practices test + Study aid

Update (January 30th, 2019): I wrote a new blog post with an excel sheet to accompany the PDFs I’ve posted in this post. The excels sheet grades your responses, and presents your subscale and total scores.

While studying for my Psychology GRE, I believe that I needed to see what exactly the test was going to be like. The 2017 Psychology GRE test on the ETS website was great, but I needed another reference to see what other questions would be on the test. After some digging, I found an older copy, that I believe was published after 2013 (DSM-5).

There were older copies floating around, but I didn’t download them, as I believe some of the information may have changed. That is, the questions/answers had outdated information. I decided to use the two tests (circa 2013-2016, 2017) for my study regime.

When I took the first psychology practice test before studying (late july), my score was 500. After studying for a month (Intro, GRE-specific text, practice tests), I retook the test and now have a score of 720, which puts me above the 80th percentile (good enough for grad. school).

Still, my goal is to improve.  I have three more weeks left before my GRE. I think that I can score in the 90th percentile if I put my heart into it!

Additionally, I uploaded a 70 page psychology cheat sheet that you may find help you study. I only got one look at it, but it seems to be good quality!


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